• How to read .mobi files with Kindle for Android on Samsung Galaxy S2

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    If you like reading and you can`t stay away of your books even when you are on the move, you might want to carry your favorite books on your mobile device everywhere you go.

    There are a few applications created for Android and can be used on Galaxy S2, like Aldiko, Kobo or iReader that use different ebook formats and have lots of reading options. Some are free, some have a marketplace where you can buy books and some let you upload the books you already bought on your device.

    Kindle is the most appreciated product from Amazon and it is one of the best device for e-books.

    The good thing is that we can have the feeling of that device on our Galxy S2 mobile phone and you can read the books you already have with .mobi format on your Android device.

    Here is how:

    Plug the device into the USB port and activate the USB storage on the phone.

    You do this by accessing:

    Settings > Wireless and network > USB utilities > USB mass storage and tap the Connect storage to PC button.

    I never tried to connect Galaxy S2 to Macbook Pro and I was afraid that it won’t work but I was surprised to find out that it actually does.

    On the other hand, don`t try to send your .mobi books on email. Samsung Galaxy S2 doesn’t allow you to download those formats. I tried to .zip them but I was not able to download the file on the device.

    Drag your files in the /kindle folder on your device then restart Kindle for Android application. You might not see them right away but after you disconnect the device from the USB port and restarted the Kindle app, you are going to find the .mobi books in the “On Device” tab.

    Happy reading!

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